Why I’ve Relocated to London

Why I’ve Relocated to London

As an American with German heritage, I’ve always wanted to work in Europe, and at the start of September I made the leap and relocated from our New York office to London. Both my parents are German and moved to the States when I was born, so I have dual citizenship and have spent many family vacations on this side of the Atlantic. Now I’m here in a different capacity.

I joined Proco Commodities five years ago as I was attracted by the global mobility that a business like ours offers its consultants. Working in a global market I have thrived on international exposure, and with a practice focusing on North American oil markets, I’ve always been somewhat involved with the large European oil trading businesses.

This is the logical next step for me from both a personal and a career perspective, as it gives me the opportunity to leverage the knowledge I’ve built up in New York for the benefit of our EMEA oil practice. There is a lot of mobility among traders, and the majority of those that succeed do so as a result of living and working in multiple markets over the course of their careers. Many of the traders sitting in the US, London or Singapore are also actively trading the global markets.

London is an incredibly exciting place to be right now if you’re working in oil. I was here in February for International Petroleum Week, which led to my decision to relocate to London. For many of the clients that I work with, it is the same individual handling senior hiring decisions in EMEA as I was dealing with in the US. For others, it is a case of having introductions made, and expanding my networks within the multinational businesses that we work with. And there are certainly some new businesses active in European crude and products that have not yet made it to the US, who I’m looking forward to partnering with.

With my move to London, I am also assuming responsibility for our LNG business in EMEA, while working with our team here to build out our oil and products capabilities. I will continue to support our activities in the US, working closely with my colleague Ross Gregory in New York as we focus on delivering an integrated service to the oil markets globally.

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