Providing the space for women to thrive in the commodities market

Providing the space for women to thrive in the commodities market

For International Women’s Day, we approached several senior women in the commodities industry to discuss some of the barriers to women entering leadership roles and the commodities market.

Below, we speak to Peggy Meyer, SVP Global Land Supply at World Fuel Services 

Peggy Meyer has worked in the energy market for more than 20 years having  run commercial trading businesses  from oil and chemicals to gas and power. Peggy is currently the Senior Vice President of global land supply at WFS where she leads the strategic supply chain direction for products and gas and power.

What do you think is the most significant barrier to female leadership?

One of the most significant barriers to female leadership is the lack of women in leadership roles.  Examples breed examples, which also build a network and a team. This isn’t a deliberate bias by males, but when building relationships with future leaders, it’s easier if you have existing networks to draw from. The key to changing this is by taking risks and putting more women in the network of people considered for potential leadership roles. I think the gap is widest in top revenue creating positions. If women are not in that network, they aren’t getting a seat at the table and are not seeing the same opportunities. They are also not getting the higher pay offered in these top revenue generating roles. 

What advice would you give to women entering the commodity market?

The commodity market is changing. Today, the opportunities to do things in different, modern and creative way are abundant. This should bring new ways of thinking to commodities and a space where women can thrive. Be willing to take a risk and jump in when models shift; businesses need to look for new solutions that provide space for women to thrive.

What qualities do you look for in individuals you hire?

First and foremost, I look for individuals who are driven. Are you willing to take on challenges and push through to the end? That sort of enthusiasm is contagious and creates strong commercial growth.  

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