Proco Newsletter – May 2022

MAY 2022

Proco Newsletter – May 2022

Welcome to Proco Commodities’s quarterly newsletter discussing the latest trends and news within the commodities industry.


Laura leads the Softs & Ags + Metals Commodities practice in North America.

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Climate-smart commodities and growth in US agriculture

Businesses everywhere are re-evaluating their operations in light of increasingly alarming data about the environmental impact of large-scale production practices, with a number of sizeable investments taking place in this area. Read more >

The Great Resignation II: Winning the war on talent 

As the perceived severity of Covid-19 decreased, firms across multiple industries began rebuilding after a turbulent period of uncertainty. Nearly 4.5 million Americans switched careers in February and this trend shows no evidence of slowing. Read more >

Bringing the Digital Age to soft commodities 

Just a few years ago, the emergence of automated tools, blockchain, data analytics, and digital transformation was groundbreaking. Now, almost all sectors of global commodities are rapidly digitalising. Read more >

New World, New Order

Participants in commodity trading markets are having to navigate tumultuous market changes extremely quickly. These range from the large capital flows into commodities financial markets to re-assessing geo-political ties and financing capabilities. Read more >


Market Research

What are the biggest main trends sweeping the commodities sector right now? Flexibility and adaptability seem to be key words for this year as market uncertainty continues to be rife throughout the industry.

Re-evaluating hiring processes
A significant majority of commodity trading firms are looking at their employee compensation, benefits, and external branding as they look to attract and retain talent. Many places will be focusing on optimising the candidate experience as well, most likely through new software to help aid and streamline the hiring process.

Agricultural investments
We are on the cusp of a futuristic future for farming, with investments being made into agricultural commodities across the globe as well as the implementation of digital tools to the sector.

Record prices
A subject of continuous discussion, oil prices reached record highs recently and energy commodities as a whole have grown by 101% over the last year. Non-energy commodities saw significant growth as well, but by about 30%.

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