Global markets, local knowledge

Global markets, local knowledge

The one thing I’ve come to realize having worked for Proco Commodities over the past five years is the real value that we offer our clients; not only through our niche product focus and subject matter expertise but also through our extensive global footprint. As part of Proco Group, we now have coverage in the UK, US, Continental Europe, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada and South America (offices located in Sao Paolo and Mexico City) which is compelling for the businesses that we serve in the energy and commodities industries.

Our clients are headquartered in key commodity trading hubs across the world. Proco Commodities is in a unique position to be able to understand global business objectives through our proximity to head offices, then utilize this knowledge on a local level to source candidates within domestic markets across the globe. Given the global nature of the commodities, when recruiting senior-level executives many of our clients are agnostic about what geographical region the individual is currently based in which enables us to utilize our international footprint in order to source the best people globally.

We recently conducted a global search for an international agricultural trading merchant based Geneva who was seeking to hire a C-Level executive. Proco Commodities were able to assemble a global team to run that search, with consultants from London, Los Angeles, New York and Singapore working together, speaking to talent in every market. The shortlist consisted of people from Europe (2), America (2) and Asia Pacific (1); the successful individual was sourced from Omaha, Nebraska and was subsequently relocated to Geneva.

We have been successful in assisting our clients to reach an international audience due to our networks on the ground in all our localities. We are able to construct global research teams – utilizing our consultants across our office network – in order to tap into the best talent wherever it is based. Given the importance our clients’ place on global strategies and cohesiveness, my own role is evolving at Proco Commodities to focus more on global client relationship management. Our objective is to ensure that we mirror the level of service our clients get in each region we partner. Our ultimate objective is to ensure that we are able to provide our clients with a global outlook supported by local knowledge in the key markets they operate in.

As our clients have started to expand their geographical reach, the mobility of candidates has increased in recent years; we now see senior talent moving not only around the US but around the world. Many of the large commodity and energy merchants now see it as a given that their high-potential individuals will have worked, over the course of their careers, in several different global markets.

We intend to continue building out our global network, to make sure our consultants can truly offer deep local knowledge in all the markets that matter to international commodities firms. Working with a global recruitment business is the most effective way of reaching the best talent available worldwide. In an international industry such as commodities that is the key to staying ahead of the competition.

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